MONDAYS: 4:00 - 4:45pm
1 - 5 years

DROP-IN FEE: $35.00 (see Registration link below for session pricing)


Maluki Maestro teaches a diverse repertoire of musical abilities that children can learn in a fun way.   These are some of the lesson's features taught during each class: 

*Solfège: the ABCs of music that consists in naming pitches (notes). 
* Piano: kids learn by Identifying notes in the instrument so we create engaging activities around this. We are aware that this is the first step to play a song. This instrumental approach also helps to strength both eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills
*The class is bilingual (Spanish and English). 

Younger children have an age advantage to develop a strong sense of pitch than older kids so we try to motivate the little ones with fun activities. We also encourage parents to practice with them at home through a series of recordings posted on Vimeo.



ABOUT FOUNDER: My musical journey started at the age of four years old: I studied violin with different musicians, my last teacher being Martin Valdeschack. Thanks to them I was able to develop a perfect pitch, among many other musical skills.

I have developed several teaching activities and I have created my own learning material which kids have found truly engaging , including my daughter.

I created Maluki Maestro as a reminder to myself, to my daughter and to the students : Find the things that make you come alive. And then spend the precious time you have on this Earth immersed in them. It’s a life well-lived.


Yadira Salum