MONDAYS: 4:00 - 4:45pm
6 - 8 years

DROP-IN FEE: $35.00 (see Registration link below for session pricing)


Welcome to Maluki Maestro Primary Ballet class! Girls and boys are welcome to take the class. 
Class features:

*Barre: Barre work is important for all ballet dancers, right from the beginning class until professional levels. Ballet barre acts as a key element the strengthen the muscles and develop the technique for the entire time as a ballet dancer. 
Description and features taught during each class: 
*Ballet Terms and Positions: Most of the terminology used in ballet dance is French. The words and phrases describing ballet are descriptions of the actions taking place. It's important to get dancers (especially little ones) started learning important dance vocabulary early on. 
*Turnout: Turnout is an essential part of classical ballet technique. We work on developing flexibility and muscle stretching that improves turnout. 
*Self-Expression: Ballet is a powerful form of self-expression 
*Learning to Transcend Limits: Every day children come to ballet class to do better than yesterday. Little ones learn that their foremost competitor is themselves.



ABOUT FOUNDER:  My musical journey started at the age of four years old: I studied violin with different musicians, my last  teacher being Martin Valdeschack. Thanks to them  I  was able to develop a perfect pitch, among many other musical skills.  I simultaneously  studied  classical ballet and I received a certification  as a ballet dancer  by the Royal Academy of Dance (United Kingdom)  by passing  a twelve-level examination.

I have developed several teaching activities and I have created my own learning material which kids have found truly engaging , including my daughter.

I created Maluki Maestro as a reminder to myself, to my daughter and to the students : Find the things that make you come alive. And then spend the precious time you have on this Earth immersed in them. It’s a life well-lived.


Yadira Salum