Mommy and Me Toddler Ballet Class (Ages 2 - 3 yrs)

THURSDAYS: 9:15 - 10:00am
2 - 3 years

Drop-In: $35.00


Mommy and Me Toddler Ballet Class - Drop In or Six week program available
(see Registration Link below for session pricing)

Moms/dads and Toddlers (18 months-3 Years Old)

This type of class includes mom/dad or another loved one participating with the little one. This is a great opportunity for the little dancer to learn Ballet Terms and Positions, Self-Expression, music and balance while parents exercise and connect with their little ones.


Suggested Dressing Code: (see registration link below for more info on attire)

Girls: 1) Pink Leotard 2) White/Pink Socks 3) Pink Ballet shoes 4) Ballet Bun and Hair Net

Boys: 1) White T-Shirt 2) Black pants 3) White Socks 4) White Ballet Shoes

Taught by professional ballet instructor Yadira Salum



ABOUT FOUNDER:  My musical journey started at the age of four years old: I studied violin with different musicians, my last  teacher being Martin Valdeschack. Thanks to them  I  was able to develop a perfect pitch, among many other musical skills.  I simultaneously  studied  classical ballet and I received a certification  as a ballet dancer  by the Royal Academy of Dance (United Kingdom)  by passing  a twelve-level examination.

I have developed several teaching activities and I have created my own learning material which kids have found truly engaging , including my daughter.

I created Maluki Maestro as a reminder to myself, to my daughter and to the students : Find the things that make you come alive. And then spend the precious time you have on this Earth immersed in them. It’s a life well-lived.


Yadira Salum