TIME: 2:30 - 3:15pm
LEVEL: 1 + 2

TIME: 3:30 - 4:15pm

Drop-in’s: 35.00

Learn American Sign Language through songs and play with other parents, educators, and/or children close to your child’s age. Go home each week with new vocabulary and new tunes to enhance communication between you and your child!

Whether you intend to incorporate sign language in your life for the long term or simply during this pre-verbal/developing verbal time, watch in awe as your child discovers the world of language. See the research come to life, as music and sign language both aid in the development of language and literacy.

Baby Fingers programs incorporate the research supporting the benefits of sign language at all ages and stages, for children with and without special needs. Stories, songs, games, and movement to music are included in our teaching methods. Give the gift of communication and bond with your baby at this Baby Fingers class.

FOUNDER: Lora F. Heller, MS, MT-BC, LCAT, Baby Fingers LLC

Baby Fingers: A Musical Journey through Language and Learning

Music Therapist, Teacher of the Deaf, Mom, Author

Adjunct instructor of Music Therapy at Molloy Colle