*Drop-Off Kinder Ballet* (AGES 4 - 5 years) with MALUKI MAESTRO

 *Drop-Off Kinder Ballet* (AGES 4 - 5 years) with MALUKI MAESTRO

MONDAYS: 5:00 - 5:45pm
4 - 5 years


Maluki Maestro * Drop-Off Kinder Ballet class*

Features taught:
*Ballet Terms and Positions: Most of the terminology used in ballet dance is French. The words and phrases describing ballet are descriptions of the actions taking place. It's important to get dancers (especially little ones) started learning important dance vocabulary early on.
*Turnout: Turnout is an essential part of classical ballet technique. We work on developing flexibility and muscle stretching that improves turnout.
*Self-Expression: Ballet is a powerful form of self-expression
*Learning to Transcend Limits: Every day children come to ballet class to do better than yesterday. Little ones learn that their foremost competitor is themselves.

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